Be Like Water


Director/choreographer Jon Boogz teamed up with creative technologist Osman Koc and fellow movement artist’s Ninja Nao and Tony Turbo to create an immersive experience embodying the great philosophy of Bruce Lee. Lee’s timeless words merge with choreography, projection design and original music to tell a powerful visual narrative of love, unity and self realization. Produced by Boogz Media and Sozo Vision with support from Epson America.

Jon Boogz, Director
Osman Koç, Creative Technologist
Jon Boogz, Ninja Nao, Tony Turbo, Movement Artists
Chizzy, Jason Yang, Music
Cameron McKinlay, Director of Photography & Editor
Alican Afsar, Alec Clawson, VFX
Alpay Kasal, Technical Producer
Ashley Munday, Lighting Technician

Produced by Boogz Media and Sozo Vision

Special thanks to:
Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC
EPSON America

Generative Branding for Unity

The generative design software for the 2018 branding of Unity was realized with a collaboration between the design team in Unity and Osman Koç. The outputs of the software has been used as prints in events, website banners, intro animations in keynote speeches, audio and motion reactive visuals, and the splash screen for Unity 2018.

Marc Cinq-Mars – Creative Director
Osman Koç – Creative Technologist
Keijiro Takahashi – Evangelist
Fatbelly Productions – Video Production

Interactive Storefront for Unity HQ from Osman Koç on Vimeo.

Splash screen of Unity 2018

The Cone

Premiered at the art/tech/music festival Luminary(Expanded), The Cone is a sound reactive light installation by Osman Koc, that transforms the projected imagery into a plane of light, blanketing the entire space.

The Cone was created and premiered with the generous support of Epson and Future Fires.

CONE from Osman Koç on Vimeo.


!f Istanbul International Film Festival always keeps up with the avant-garde forms of art. Each year the opening gala of the festival also hosts a world premier of a movie. And before the movie, they arrange a show to surprise their audience. In a cinema hall with IMAX stereoscopic 3D projector setup in one of the most crowded shopping malls in Istanbul, and live music setup, in harmony with that year’s theme “People Power”, a real-time sound-reactive stereoscopic audio-visual show has emerged. The system was setup in such a way that at the end of the show, the audience was able to play with the visuals via clapping, emphasizing the “People Power” theme.

^TURNA ^THE CRANE | Sound Reactive 3D iMAX Cinema Movie from nerdworking on Vimeo.

Deep Space Music

Ars Electronica Festival is where you can see the pioneer works in new media arts. Awarded with honorary mention in previous year, Candaş Şişman was asked to collaborate with Maki Namekawa in Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space, where they have the cutting-edge technology for multi-disciplinary projects, with ultra high definition projectors on a 320 meter square surface. As the screening surface also includes the floor, audience is immersed in visuals. Şişman invited 5 creative coders to collaborate in the project, each for a different scene. The performance took place each day during the festival, getting more crowded than before day by day, becoming one of the highlights of the festival.

Art Direction and Visuals: Candas Sisman, Deniz Kader
Creative Coding: Bager Akbay, Osman Koç, Zeynep Nal, Ismail Kasarci, Kaan Kaner

Press: VVVV

Deep Space_Ars Electronica from NOHlab on Vimeo.


As one of the most experienced actors of the new media in architecture and stage, Atelier Bruckner organized International Scenography Biennial hosted many major names in the scenography scene such as Hani Rashid (Asymptote Architecture), Peter Kogler, Christopher Bauder (WHITEvoid), Chuck Hoberman, Kim Herforth Nielsen (3XN) and Welby Altidor (Cirque Du Soleil). Besides multiple award winning Eric Gauthier, Turkish Artist Collective with Çıplak Ayaklar Dance Company, Gevende (an avant-garde band), Vertigo flying effects, and Osman Koç (visual artist) was invited for the opening performances. Located in Ludwigsburg, Germany, the performances took place in the venue Karlskaserne.

‘On Air’ ISB Performance – Ludwigsberg DE from Rowan Fae on Vimeo.

Festival teaser