Unity3D Generative Branding 2019

We developed a new generative art software to be used in the design and production phases of the branding of Unity3D for 2019. The outputs of the software has been used as prints, website banners and animations to count a few places.

After trying out several directions, we decided to more forward with the softbody & cloth physics with the shiny, reflective look.

I like how the movement aspect of it symbolizes how flexible and versatile Unity is, and the surface reflects the environment, the users.

The generative design software has been developed in Unity 2018.2, using an ultra high resolution spherical mesh and heavily relies on the Obi Cloth asset for the cloth physics. As it was recently introduced, we wanted to experiment and utilize the High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) for the material and rendering.

Marc Cinq-Mars – Creative Director
Osman Koç – Creative Technologist

Splash screen of Unity 2019.x

Youtube banner

GDC 2019 Keynote idle screen

Animated banner for Unite Copenhagen 2019

Be Like Water


Director/choreographer Jon Boogz teamed up with creative technologist Osman Koc and fellow movement artist’s Ninja Nao and Tony Turbo to create an immersive experience embodying the great philosophy of Bruce Lee. Lee’s timeless words merge with choreography, projection design and original music to tell a powerful visual narrative of love, unity and self realization. Produced by Boogz Media and Sozo Vision with support from Epson America.

Jon Boogz, Director
Osman Koç, Creative Technologist
Jon Boogz, Ninja Nao, Tony Turbo, Movement Artists
Chizzy, Jason Yang, Music
Cameron McKinlay, Director of Photography & Editor
Alican Afsar, Alec Clawson, VFX
Alpay Kasal, Technical Producer
Ashley Munday, Lighting Technician

Produced by Boogz Media and Sozo Vision

Special thanks to:
Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC
EPSON America

Unity3D Generative Branding 2018

The generative design software for the 2018 branding of Unity was realized with a collaboration between the design team in Unity and Osman Koç. The outputs of the software has been used as prints in events, website banners, intro animations in keynote speeches, audio and motion reactive visuals, and the splash screen for Unity 2018.

Marc Cinq-Mars – Creative Director
Osman Koç – Creative Technologist
Keijiro Takahashi – Evangelist
Fatbelly Productions – Video Production

Interactive Storefront for Unity HQ from Osman Koç on Vimeo.

Splash screen of Unity 2018

The Cone

Premiered at the art/tech/music festival Luminary(Expanded), The Cone is a sound reactive light installation by Osman Koc, that transforms the projected imagery into a plane of light, blanketing the entire space.

The Cone was created and premiered with the generous support of Epson and Future Fires.

CONE from Osman Koç on Vimeo.